Crown Shaving

Crown Shaving Daily Moisturizer

All men must moisturize their mugs, no excuses. From bone-dry winter winds to the bane of aging (read: wrinkles), it’s open season on your face all year long. Stand guard with the moisture-locking power of meadowfoam seed oil, a rare member of the essentials (or the fountain of youth lite). By the way, our moisturizer isn’t sunscreen, so if you’re going outside for a while go moisturizer first then something with an SPF level of at least 30. The rule of thumb is the higher the SPF, the less chances you’ll burn.

 How To Use It: Once you’ve washed up, grab a towel and pat your face dry. Next, massage a couple of fingertips’ worth of this stuff onto the drier parts of your face ‘till it disappears. Done.

Weight: 3.4 oz (100ml)

Made in Toronto, Canada