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Credo Triple Punch Cigar Cutter

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This incredible Credo Cigar Punch offers cigar enthusiasts three convenient punch sizes; 6mm, 10mm, and 14mm. Pocket-size and easy to use, the punches on this innovate cutter easily cut cigars up to a 34 ring gauge, 48 ring gauge, and 60 ring gauge.

To cut, unfold the body of the cutter, and choose the appropriate punch size. Place the head of the cigar against the punch, brace the body with your hand, twist and push; allowing the blades to slice cleanly into the cigar. The blades slice easily into the cigar, and will not leave leftover tobacco around the cut, like poorer-quality cutters tend to do. The hinged design allowing the cutter to fold into itself, allowing for easy and safe storage!

Blade Material: High-Quality Japanese Steel
Body Material: Aluminum