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Col.Ichabod Conk

Col. Conk Amber AfterShave Cologne, 4.0 oz

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Col. Conk Amber AfterShave Cologne

Colonel Conk Amber After-Shave Cologne will give you a clean, natural, woodsy scent.  It refreshes and invigorates after the traditional ritual of shaving. It evaporates quite rapidly and thus provides a refreshing feel after shaving. The Col.Conk Lime Aftershave can be used as both: as a nurturing shaving lotion, as well as a refreshing cologne. Colonel Conk is world famous and known for the finest quality.

The aftershave comes in a beautiful, nostalgic glass bottle with gold screw cap. A small plug of plastic also protects the precious liquid on travels.

Made in USA

Size: 4.0 oz/113.4g

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