Cigarol Round Special Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer

This hygrometer will provide high precision readings for your cigar box, ensuring that your cigars stay at the right temperature. 

Simply remove the protective layer at the back to stick the hygrometer into the inside of your favourite cigar box.

Dimensions: 47mm H x 47mm W x 15mm D 

  • Display- Advanced Humidity & Temperature sensor maintains accuracy.
  • Reliable and Accurate - Fast response with 20 sensitive vents to provide updated and accurate reading
  • Compact Design to Fit All Cigar Humidors - The 1.8" diameter space-saving design enables it to be used in various humidors with quick easy to read display.
  • Temperature range:14°F-122°F(-10°C-50°C), with switch on top to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Humidity range: 25%RH - 95%RH.
  • Secure Magnetic Mount