Chosera 1000 Grit Waterstone

If there is one stone you cannot do without it's the Chosera 1,000 Grit. I cannot go a day without this stone. It sets a bevel faster than any stone in the business yet leaves an edge that is easy to refine. 

To answer a frequently asked question. How many stones are recommended for someone wanting to get started into Straight Razor Honing? Your 1K stone (1,000 Grit) is perfect to setting a bevel in a hurry or removing any damage to a blade. Next you need the 3K stone to refine the bevel, then a 8K to polish. These three stones will get you amazing results. They are my number one recommendation. No soaking is needed with these amazing stones, just wet the stones and go ahead and hone. Thanks so much for visiting our website and have a wonderful day.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 8.25" (210 mm x 70 mm)

Made in Japan