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Cella Shaving Cream with Almond Oil

Cella Shaving Cream with Almond Oil

It’s not a shaving cream, it’s Cella! The secrets of its success lie in the strict production process; the carefully selected top ingredients, saponification using the hot-mix method in a steam boiler, and the fact that it is slowly matured in special temperature-controlled tanks.


The original recipe, which dates back to 1899, ensures a frothy, compact, softening high performance foam that moisturises the face during shaving, preventing irritation and leaving the skin incredibly soft. Its characteristic almond scent and the ease with which the razor glides over its smooth texture make it truly unique.


To obtain a soft, firm foam, wet the brush in warm water, pick up the cream soap and begin to lather it in a bowl with circular movements, then lather up the face, spreading the foam over the skin evenly, right down to the root.

Weight: 5.4 oz / 150g

Made in Italy