Cella Bio Organic Shaving Cream in Tube

CELLA EXTRA EXTRA BIO is an ultra-pure AIAB/QCertificazioni certified organic shaving cream. It is the product of intense research into formulas based on the original Cella 1899 manufacturing protocol, to offer the perfect combination of tradition, cosmetic efficacy and respect for the environment. When purity and experience make the difference.

Formulated with selected precious oils and organic ingredients, its soft, soothing foam guarantees a deep, thorough, comfortable shave. Stiff foam helps the blade glide over the skin, protecting it against irritation and microscopic cuts and leaving the skin soft and moisturized. Specially formulated for lathering right on the face, the cream is rapidly transformed into a rich, soft, firm foam for an extra special shave!

Directions for Use: To obtain a soft, firm foam, wet the brush in warm water and soap up the face, spreading the foam over the skin evenly, right down to the root.

Weight: 150ml

Made in Italy