Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes Keig Eau De Parfum Spray

Castle Forbes Keig Eau De Parfum is a perfect blend of citrus and sandalwood. It is the same high-quality blend that they sell in a regular bottle, offered here in a spray form. It has a very outdoorsy aroma, as do most of their fragrances, and it's very classy. It has bright citrus notes of lemon, lime, and bergamot, along with a unique blend of sandalwood and cedarwood at its heart. This is a fragrance not to be missed.

Just a little will go a long way, so don't overdo it, but do enjoy what it does for you. You'll have the confidence that comes with knowing you smell great and will be ready to face most anything, whether it's an expensive dinner, a night out on the town, a big meeting or just going out to spend some casual time with people.

This comes in a classy bottle that will look great in your bathroom and it's certainly a high-end product, so enjoy this offering from Castle Forbes!

About Castle Forbes:

Castle Forbes have been producing luxury men's shaving products since 1996 from the perfumery at Castle Forbes in the Vale of Alford, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Their products are free from parabens and added colours and only include pure essential oils. Using unique and handcrafted formulations with natural ingredients they are able to produce shaving products that perform like no other brand available.

100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Made in Scotland