Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes Gentlemen's Cologne Eau De Parfum Spray

Castle Forbes Gentlemen's Cologne is a spray bottle version that has a crisp, cool citrus and musk scent sure to please anyone. This scent offers the famously outdoorsy tones that this brand is known for. It has a crisp, invigorating aroma to it, with grasses, herbs and woods all contributing to a great result. It evokes the stimulation of the highland air in Scotland. The citrus scent blends and balances perfectly with lavender and pine.

This fragrance is manly, but it's also fresh and light. It should appeal to those men who want something that's rather modern, but that has a traditionally high-quality blend for which this brand's exquisite colognes are known.

Putting on a special fragrance is usually the finishing touch before heading out for the evening. Keep in mind that there are plenty of hygiene products that have natural ingredients that provide you with the clean, fresh overall aroma that should serve as the basis for adding another more refined option on top of it. You can be sure it'll work best by not selecting conflicting scents and keeping everything subtle. This offering is a very high-end product and Castle Forbes has a deservedly great reputation for the quality of everything they put their name on.

100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Made in Scotland