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Castle Forbes 1445 Eau De Parfum spray

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Castle Forbes 1445 Eau De Parfum is a spray bottle version of the Castle Forbes 1445 scent. It has an incredibly 'green' aroma that calls to mind bright spring mornings, freshly cut lawns, and other natural aromas. It will give you a lively, energetic feel and it's perfect for men who don't like heavier scents and who prefer to keep things very light on the nose.

The spray dispenser option makes it easier to get the right amount on your skin. This is a very high-quality cologne, so it really takes very little to do the trick. In fact, just a hint of such a scent is perfect, so taking it easy and using a little on just the right areas is always preferable. It's not gentlemanly at all to overdo it, that's for certain. Because this is a quality item, when it dries down it retains its character, ensuring that you don't leave the house with one fragrance and get to work wearing something entirely different. You'll find that this is one of the best choices out there for those who want something a bit livelier and brighter than the norm and who want to come off as young and dynamic.

About Castle Forbes:

Castle Forbes have been producing luxury men's shaving products since 1996 from the perfumery at Castle Forbes in the Vale of Alford, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Their products are free from parabens and added colours and only include pure essential oils. Using unique and handcrafted formulations with natural ingredients they are able to produce shaving products that perform like no other brand available.

100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Made in Scotland