Böker Solingen

Boker Saga Fillet Knife G10 Satin

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Handcrafted in the Boker manufactory in Solingen - this phenomenal knife raises the bar and brings the topic of "cutting in the kitchen" to a new level. Decades of experience in the outdoor knife world, coupled with the ingenuity and creativity of Danish knifemaker Jesper Voxnæs were incorporated into the concept and design of Saga to achieve a new level of performance in terms of ergonomics and cutting technology.

 The soft lines of the grips are made from indestructible black G10, which is equally impervious to temperature and moisture. The successful ergonomics already become apparent when the Boker Sage knife series is first handled: every curve, every bend in the line nestles itself into place on the hand, conveying absolute control and an exceptional cutting experience. The swallow-tail-shaped flare of the pommel on the larger models enhances grip security.

Boker Saga owes its high strength to the full-tang design, which extends over the full length of the knife (in the same manner as on many hunting knives) from the blade tip to the pommel. The optimized cutting performance is not only guaranteed by the full flat grind of the blade with satin finish, but also by selecting 440C as the blade steel, which far surpasses the edge-holding and corrosion-resistance of conventional chef's knife steels. A special note is achieved by the large hollow rivets, the unmistakable mark of Jesper Voxnæs.

The Fillet Knife is mainly used for filleting fish and therefore belongs to the basic equipment of every angler. It is characterized by a long, narrow, and flexible blade. It is also used for other purposes. In the meat, the sharp blade of the Fillet Knife is used to remove tendons or skin, and the pulp of fruit and vegetables can be removed quickly from the core.

  • Type: Kitchen Knife
  • Overall Length: 12.24 in
  • Blade Length: 7.72 in
  • Blade Thickness: 0.07 in
  • Weight: 3.67 oz
  • Designer: Jesper Voxnaes
  • Blade Material: 440C
  • Handle Material: G10

Made in Solingen, Germany by Boker