Baume.Be Refill Shaving Soap, Made in Belgium

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BAUME.BE is an excellent performing shaving soap from Belgium which uses only natural ingredients that will stimulate and rejuvenate the skin leaving your face feeling great post shave. It is formulated for extra-sensitive skin featuring natural ingredients chosen for their hydrating, protective, lubricating and soothing qualities.

Baume.Be Shaving Soap creates a rich lather that conditions skin and eliminates razor burn. Made with natural, skin-nurturing ingredients like hydrating shea butter, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, moisturizing glycerin, and nourishing carrot oil. Paraben-free.

About Baume.Be

The founder of Baume.Be had been using an alcohol-free, soothing and hydrating balm as aftershave, But one day found that his favourite aftershave is no longer available in the market and he could not find an alternative aftershave balm to use due to his hypersensitive skin so he decided to create BAUME.BE! Baume.Be is a highly sought-after line of premium men's shaving products formulated for extra-sensitive skin. Each pre-shave, shaving cream, shave soap and aftershave features natural ingredients chosen for their hydrating, protective and soothing qualities. Belgium’s best-kept secret!

135 g

Made in Belgium