Ashcroft Collection

2" English Bridle Deluxe Hanging Strop w/ D-Ring "Ashcroft Collection"

The Classic Edge has built a strong reputation for bringing you the finest in men's wet shaving and grooming supplies and we have decided that the best way we could offer strops using the finest materials available at an affordable price would be to have our own Artisan's make them to our specifications. We are proud to offer this beautiful two piece hand crafted strop that measures 2” wide and has been made using top grade English Bridle leather tanned in the U.S.A. English Bridle is well known for its ability to refresh a superb cutting edge along with its ability to give the best stropping experience available.

Easily the best strop we have available, period. There is no "break in" period for these strops, and they are ready to strop right out of the box. Even top grade American leather hides sometimes may have small blemishes or “range marks” which occur during the animal’s lifetime, and at Classic Edge we believe that it would be irresponsible and wasteful of us to discard every piece of leather that had a small fault. However, we do take extra care to ensure that any blemishes are minimal and in no way compromise the stropping process. 

For the back strop we researched our private collection of over 80 different strops both new and vintage and came to the conclusion that we should only offer a strop made from natural fibers and not Poly Webbing. After a great deal of searching, we found a cotton material that not only strops well and gives the same feel as some of the best old vintage strops but also excels at removing moisture from the blade post shave. This strop is also excellent for those who like to use pastes on their fabric strops.

Many of today's strops have poor coatings on their hardware which comes off quickly or even before you receive them. We have taken this into account, and had our hardware professionally coated to prevent quality issues. Truly the best strop on the market today.

Dimensions : Stropping Area 17 inches by 2 inches. Overall Length approx. 25 inches

Handcrafted in Canada with USA Leather.

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