Ashcroft Collection

Ashcroft Paddle Strop

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This paddle strop from the Ashcroft Collection is a simple yet incredibly efficient way to strop your straight razor. Its compact and lightweight nature makes it the perfect choice for daily stropping.

With a double-sided stropping surface of 2 3/4" x 10", you will find this paddle strop not only easy to use, but an effortless choice to travel with. 

The high-quality leather used on both sides mimics those featured on our Professional Strop; an impressive English bridle on one side, and our ultra-smooth Corium on the other. 

The handle is made of 100% solid hardwood, with leather thick enough that slots were not needed. Also, keep in mind that the Corium side can be used with abrasives, making this paddle strop an ideal choice for all.

Each strop is handmade and signed by Mr. Ashcroft.

*Please note: Leather colour may vary from strop to strop. Also depending on what monitor you view from. English Bridle is tan to light brown in colour, and the suede type leather is light tan to goldish.

Overall length: 14.5"

Made from U.S.A Leather 

Assembled in Canada