Thiers-Issard Straight Razors

Note: Thiers-Issard are excellent performing razors, but since they are hand made there is always issue's like minor uneven bevels. Also every Thiers razor comes with a small amount of hone wear from the factory. These things cannot be helped, but in no way does this affect the amazing shave these razors put out.

In this Section, we have Thiers-Issard Straight Razors from France. All Straight Razors come with a standard factory edge out of the box, even though Thiers-Issard's edges come out very sharp, they still need to be refined either on Diamond Slurry followed by Chromium Oxide or even back to the Stones for a Fresh new Edge. Every Straight Razor is different and all need special attention. If the edge is perfect we only strop it with Chromium Oxide and then on English Bridle. No factory anywhere in the world uses Chromium Oxide after setting their edges which is a much needed step in preparing a Straight Razor to "Shave Ready", otherwise it is a harsh edge that will make your skin sensitive and red. This is why The Classic Edge Shaving Store opens and examines each and every razor. It is important to us that no quality Issue reaches our clients. Warranty means nothing to someone who just purchased a new Straight Razor and has to send it back and looses it for the next 3 months or longer. One issue we want to make you aware of is that Thiers-Issard and some other razor makers have rough etching on the blade. It's been that way for many years and for some reason it is just impossible to get a crisp perfect etching, we imagine it has to do with the finish of the blade along with the concave blade that makes it impossible to keep the etching stencil from moving during the process. How do we know? Phil has several years of experience developing Etching Procedures for Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel equipment for the Pharma and Medical Field. OR it is possible that the razor maker just wants it looking like an Antique etching. So browse through our razors and shop with confidence as we have the best warranty in the World, what is it? Simple, if you don't like it send it back for an exchange or money back! Simple as that, no questions and no trying to convince you that it is not possible to take back a razor for hygienic reasons, as long as you don't shave with it of course :)


Kind Regards,
Phil and Jane

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