Garantie Solingen

NOS Garantie Solingen Kukri 360 6/8 Straight Razor

Please note: With any Shaving Antiques there are no returns.  Once the razor is honed or used it is no longer New Old Stock. As a small family run business we could not recover the cost. These type of Antiques are more for collectability and will gain value over time. So we ask that you take your time before making such an important decision and look over the pictures carefully.  Also note that this does not mean you are left out in the cold with no support!  We stand behind our products, which means if you have problems down the road, we will go out of our way to help you if you drop your razor, or lose a pin.  But if you plan to shave with such a rare and irreplaceable piece of Art... Well we respect your choice, and would love to hear about it!

New Old Stock Straight Razor made in Germany in the mid to early 1940's.  Drop forged and ground to Full Hollow.  Some Forged razors are difficult to hone due to the maker not tempering them enough to bring back that super hardness. That is not the case with this razor. It's approximately 59 Rockwell, which is at the high end, but honing will not be difficult at all.  The original Celluloid scales are warp free, which says a lot for such and old razor.  The simple and basic quality of these scales show immediately upon inspection , as mastering Celluloid in the early 40's was hit and miss with most razor maker more used to using Bakelite.  All around a great razor with good balance.

 Comes with the original coffin box. Like any high-end collectible, we ask that you advise us on whether you would like the original factory edge, or made to be completely "Shave Ready" 

If you entrust to us this special privilege, like all other straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we will take great care to ensure this edge is perfect in every way. 

Grind: Full Hollow

Blade Width: 6/8

Point: Round

Metal: Forged Carbon Steel

Handle: Celluloid

Country: Solingen, Germany

Year: 1940's

Brand: Garantie

Note: Made "Shave Ready" at no extra charge