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The Professional Strop

Whatever you spend on a straight razor, without stropping it on a good quality strop before
every shave, you are missing out on the true straight razor experience. With the many options
available in the marketplace, in our opinion there are only a handful out there that can get the
job done well.

At The Classic Edge we are focused on quality, and that is why we have just a few strop options available. Have you ever asked yourself why a specific strop is not available at The Classic Edge? Simple, it did not perform to the high standards required by us. I own literally hundreds of vintage strops and have spent over 10 years researching leathers to find the perfect materials and, while we do not personally make them here, we do have them made by Mr Ashcroft, a highly skilled artisan who works exclusively for us at The Classic Edge.

One particular leather that truly caught my eye was on an antique Japanese Strop that used a
suede-like material that was unlike any leather I have ever used. The feedback was outstanding. I have finally found a tanner that could produce and supply this leather to Mr. Ashcroft, and he refers to it as “Corium”. Not only does Corium perform well on its own, but it also accepts pastes and abrasives if that is your preference.

We have chosen a hardwood body that is thicker than usual for these board strops providing
plenty of hand clearance while stropping; and after careful design and hundreds of razors stropped, we now have the perfect board strop available.

There are many videos are out there with people “teaching” us how to strop with custom strops
that are not available to the rest of us. We have all said it at some point while watching them,
"Where can I get one of those!" The Professional Strop is the strop I had custom made for
myself and have been using everyday for the last couple of years, and now it is available to you.

Everyone will end up using it in their own way, but I start on the Corium side and finish on the
English Bridle side. You may prefer it the other way around so test it for yourself and see what
gives the best results for you.

Keep in mind that these are not mass produced and are made in small batches. So if you see
they are sold out I can only recommend that you check back once a week for new stock. At The Classic Edge we take great pride in not only our products but our Customer Service, and we know that not only will you be satisfied with this strop, you will Love it! Thank you so much for visiting our online store and even more for your patronage.

*Please note: Leather colour may vary from strop to strop, also depending on the monitor you view from. English Bridle is tan to light brown in colour, and the Corium side is light tan in colour.

Approximate Dimensions: 18" L x 3"W x 1 1/2" H

Working Surface: 16"L x 3"W

Handcrafted in Canada with leather from USA

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