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The Ashcroft Barber Strop, Stropping Length Extra Long

Please Note: Unlike many other strops, these strops do not need a break in period. They are ready to strop right out of the box.

At The Classic Edge, we wanted to offer an "Old School" style Barber Strop. This is the longest strop in the Ashcroft Collection. These guys stropped razors all day, everyday of their working lives and knew what was best. For this handcrafted strop, we have made no compromises in the selection of materials and have chosen only the best products available today, staying true to the traditions of yesterday.

We have worked with Mr. Ashcroft on the design and have come up with a strop that exceeds all of our expectations. This is by far our best strop.

The top section of the Barber Strop is handcrafted hard maple, finished with multiple coats of Varathane varnish.

The leather that we use is American top grade English Bridle. English Bridle being well established as the best choice for high end strops because of its ability to refresh a superb cutting edge. It also gives the best stropping experience available. We select only the best leather available from each hide. Hides are never perfect and we only choose a small percentage from each hide for our Barber Strops. 

The fabric side of this strop is 100% cotton made specifically for us at The Classic Edge and is the same thickness as the leather.

The leather bars at the end of the canvas side set this strop apart from all others. Barber strops normally have to be gripped quite tightly to provide enough tension while stropping. The bars on this strop provide a grip that provides an ease of use similar to a strop with handles. This is a feature we are very proud of.

Overall Length: 28 1/2"

Stropping Length: 23 1/4"

Handcrafted in Canada with USA Leather

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Steve Marcotte
One of the best strop available!

As a barber, this strop is first class! I use it every day at the barbershop. The craftsmanship is excellent in every aspect. This is a strop made to last a lifetime. 10 to 20 passes on the canvas and after that the same number of strokes on the leather side should leave your edge smooth and keen.