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HygroSet Calibratable Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer

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Never have to wonder if your digital hygrometer is accurate again. The HygroSet is the first digital hygrometer of its kind – capable of being adjusted after calibration.

Known for its accuracy, the HygroSet Digital Hygrometer is one of the most popular digital hygrometers on the market today. It was built to keep your cigars at the right RH levels at all times.

-Extremely Accurate
-Temperature Range: 0 to 50 C (32-120F)
-Humidity Range: 20% to 99% RH (relative humidity)
-Humidity Accuracy +/- 2% at 65% to 75%
-Temperature Accuracy +/- 1 degree
-Includes long-lasting battery
-Diameter of 1.75"
-Measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit