Belgian Coticule

Belgian Ardennes Coticule Slurry Stone Select Grade

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A perfect companion for your sharpening stone collection; creating a slurry on your sharpening stone before you begin sharpening is an incredibly effective technique, one that results in a faster and more enjoyable honing experience!

When a slurry is created with these stones, the grit drops from the 8000-10000 that a Coticule may posses with water alone, to about a 6000 grit; basically, creating a 6k stone from an 8k-10k stone, and making your sharpening stone suitable for honing even your dullest straight razor!

There are also times when you might be using a 3000 or 4000 grit stone that is leaving rough groves on the bevel, or an aggressive burr. When this happens, I slurry the stone to create a finer grit without loosing the speed of material being removed. In a sense, it is like creating a mid grade stone as I have explained above. There are many different ways to use slurry and work it to your needs. It is truly a tool I could not live without.

Remember, these remarkable Coticule Slurry Stones can be used with more than just our Belgian Ardennes Coticule sharpening stones, as they are suitable for all stones! I find them particularly useful for the Norton 8000 and Naniwa 8000. 

These stones are natural products, and therefore no stone is 100% identical to any other; the different Coticule layers tend to be exploited and exposed to various environmental factors during formation, and this often results in slight variations in their hardness and composition. 

Approximate Size: 2.5" x 0.75" x 1"

Note: coticule stones are a natural product, so some size variation will also occur. Tiny hairline cracks can sometimes be visible along the edges of the stone; this is perfectly normal for such a brittle material, and has no influence on the effectiveness of these stones!