Classic Edge Shaving

Travel Silvertip Black Shaving Brush

This Travel Brush is made from 100% Top Quality Silvertip Badger Hair encased in Black Acrylic. This is a very solid unit designed to be thrown around during travel, but most importantly is that the hairs are not forced into the slot when put away. They are kept even and secure to prevent damaging or bending the hairs. There is a permanent vent hole at the bottom of the handle to ensure that air is able to flow in order to dry the hairs when put away wet.

Sam Walton had it right. If a client asks for a product, make it available! This product was requested from a long-standing client. I felt that adding his comment was important because it just made so much sense, please read below:

After they shave, they can put brush back in the handle, leave it in the cup and it will drain and dry in the cup. All they have to do is wipe out the cup. That way they don't need a drip stand and it looks very classy!

Manufactured by The Classic Edge Shaving Store