NOS Peter Hahn Meister Weiss Solingen 6/8 Straight Razor

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The Peter Hahn series was made by Dovo in Honer of the Master Grinders Schmidt/Mertens/Ross/Engel/Weiss.  Each razor had a different master grinder's name on the tang.  These razors where made to honor the past master grinders, so the quality was as good as it gets when made in the late 80's.  Swedish Stainless Steel (Inox) with an excellent Full Hollow Grind and a muted square point. New Old Stock with the factory edge and original sleeve.  This model did not come in a coffin box, but instead they choose the transparent packing to show off the razor on display.

Like most straight razors that come from the factory they are not 100% Shave Ready, so if you would like this razor to be made "Shave Ready" please add a note to vendor, or contact us and let us know. We will bring the edge to the highest possible standard of insanely sharp at no extra charge, we also include a free honing ticket that can be used at a later time. 

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Grind: Full Hollow

Blade Width: 6/8

Point: Square

Metal:Swedish Stainless Steel (Inox)

Country: Solingen, Germany

Year: 1986 to 1988

Brand: Dovo

Note: Made "Shave Ready" at no extra charge