Merkur 41C "1904" Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Safety Razor

My first Merkur, for some reason this model caught my eye and was different from the rest, I felt this was a great starter not only due to the price but the review I read before purchasing the razor. I have a medium type beard and this took on the Whiskers with no effort, I didn't expect such performance from this price range and several years later I still put aside my Straight Razor to shave with this beautiful Safety Razor. If you are new to Wet Shaving I would recommend this razor easily. Very popular which will explain why we are always run out!

The Merkur Classic 1904 Safety Razor with Open Comb Bar is a replica of a beautiful and vintage 1904 design that has been completely updated.

The shaving heads of safety razors typically have a bar that keeps the blade slightly off your skin. Different bars affect the shaving experience. This Merkur Classic 1906 Safety Razor comes with a bar type called "Open Comb" which is a small smooth bar which resembles a comb with teeth.
Offers superb balance and weight. Non-slip with an hexagonal handle a diamond pattern which aidsexcellent grip and balance. Handcrafted handsome design will offer you years of superior shaves. Nickel-plated finish. Recommended for those with a heavier, longer stubble.Perfect for new users as well as experts.

The Merkur Classic 1904 Safety Razor with Open Comb Bar accepts Merkur, Feather, Derby & most standard double-edge razor blades.

Razor comes packaged with 1 Merkur double edge blade.

Weight: 2.2 oz (62 g)

Length: 3" (7.5 cm)

Made in Solingen, Germany