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LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, Made in Spain

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LEA Classic Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, Made in Spain

The LEA CLASSIC shaving cream scented with Sandalwood and Moss is an exclusive blend of ingredients that produces with a shaving brush a rich lather that softens the beard and protect, soothes and conditions the most sensitive skin for an exceptional traditional wet shave. Comes in a beautiful hand-turned wooden bowl.

LEA Classic Shaving Soap has 5 main ingrediants:

Lanolin to improve the skin's elasticity

Allantoin known for its anti-inflammatory properties

Bisabolol to help calm the skin

Menthol to refresh the skin

Glycerin to help keep skin hydrated and smooth

About LEA:

LEA is a traditional Spanish creator of high quality shaving soaps and creams. Their products are ISO certified for environments sustainability, also they are animal free testing. LEA has been enriching the high-end shave for European men since 1823, and are already a hit across North America.


Made in Spain