Kent Black Large Synthetic Shaving Brush

Kent’s new 2020 shave range is handcrafted in England and filled with innovative super-soft Silvertex synthetic bristles. Giving you the quality and craftsmanship that you would expect from Kent Brushes.

Suitable for all beards and to use with soaps, creams and gels.

Care Advice

Rinse suds off in lukewarm water. Gently shake off excess water.

Ideally stored, bristle down on a shaving brush stand. Alternately, store upright, away from direct heat and sunlight.

Dimensions and Product Detail

Overall Length 115mm / 4.52"

Handle/socket height 56mm / 2.20"

Diameter with synthetic bristle 53mm / 2.08"

Diameter of handle/socket 41mm / 1.61"

Width at base of knot 23mm / 0.90"

*Please note that there will be a small level of tolerance within these dimensions.

Made in England