Fine Accoutrements

Fine Accoutrements Lather Bowl (Red/White)

Building a proper shaving lather on your face, with a brush and traditional shaving soap or cream, is the first step to improving your shave. However, if you want the most luxurious lather your soap or cream can possibly produce, you simply must have a good lather bowl. The Fine Lather Bowl has been thoughtfully designed, from the ground up, just for this purpose.

When evaluating shaving lather bowls, there are several criteria to consider including:

  • Storage - Men’s wet shaving bowls are a bulky piece of equipment when compared to other toiletries, and most bathrooms are not well-equipped to conveniently store them. The Fine Lather Bowl is the first and only to support wall mounting.
  • Grip - Working with a delicate item in wet and soapy conditions over a hard surface on a regular basis requires a tool that’s easy to hold on to. The handle on the Fine Lather Bowl is just right for slipping your thumb through while holding it in the palm of your hand.
  • Texture - When making a lather, a degree of texture to your bowl aids in more quickly aerating your soap or cream. The Fine Lather bowl features low-profile ribs for just this purpose.
  • Color - As you get to know the lathering properties of a particular soap or cream, you’ll appreciate the color contrast between a dark bowl surface and your pure white lather. All Fine Lather Bowls sport a dark-colored inner bowl.
  • Brush Handling - Traditional wet shaving generally requires multiple shaving passes. Between these lathers, your brush needs a home. The brush holder integrated into the handle of the Fine Lather Bowl provides the perfect place to set your brush while keeping it from sliding into the slippery lather itself.
  • Style - Fine Lather Bowls sport two-tone, hand-dipped colored glazes for a clean and distinct look.

Key Features:

  • Wall Mountable.
  • Fine Stoneware Construction.
  • Embossed Bottom Suitable for Display.
  • Better Grip and Handling.
  • Unique Texture and Style.
  • Dimensions:  7.1" x 5.1" x 2.1"

Weight: 12oz/340g.