Feret Parfumeur 'Bloc Hyalin' Alum Block

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Natural Mineral Deodorant and After Shave. An ultimate ingenious life-hack product and the best kept secret: natural alum stone! Bloc Hyalin, unlike other stones, has always benefited from a long and complex process of purification. Alum potassium premium 100% natural, of which Bloc Hyalin is made, is not mixed with any chemical or synthetic product. This natural alum block has strong antibacterial properties, so it can be used as a deodorant, or to prevent irritation after shaving or waxing, works on spots too! As a deodorant it’s totally odorless, and leaves your clothes unmarked.

How to Use:

Run the block under warm water and rub it on to your face. The alum will be quickly sooth any irritation and razor burn. Smoothed onto the skin it leaves an invisible film of mineral salt which reduces perspiration. For longer life, use the drip tray provided and never let your block remain in prolonged contact with water. When properly cared for, your BLOC HYALIN alum stone will last for years.

Used as a Deodorant : BLOC HYALIN is totally odorless, and will leave your clothes unmarked. Unlike conventional deodorant that often simply masks odors, it remains on the surface of the skin and forms an invisible protective film of mineral salts which prevents the formation of bacteria that causes body odor. BLOC HYALIN does not block pores, allowing the skin to breathe normally, and simply prevents odors from forming, ensuring safe and natural freshness.

Waxing and depilation: BLOC HYALIN soothes razor, waxing or depilation rash. In addition, regular use can help to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Shaving: Used before shaving, its astringent properties prepare the hair and make shaving easier. Used after shaving, it soothes razor rash, tones the skin and leaves a real sensation of freshness. In the case of a small cut, it prevents bleeding. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent the appearance of spots.

Ingredients: 100% Potassium Alum (natural alum stone)

3.5 oz / 100 g

Made in France