Fatip il Piccolo Storto Gentile Gold Slant Safety Razor, Closed Comb

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The Piccolo Storto Gold Gentle is a three-piece safety razor with a peculiar design of the handle with oblique strings that recall the concept of the razor and that are interrupted with the elegant knurled base that facilitates the screw opening of the head. It is totally made of brass and subjected to a metallic finishing process. The razor is perfectly balanced and easy to use.

The open comb provides a closer shave, as the skin stretches less and the hair slides between the tines of the comb, bringing it closer to the blade. Suitable for all types of hair, especially thick and stiff hair. Its slant head ensures the perfect angle to ensure the blade slides well. Brilliant gold polished nickel finish, very elegant.

The Piccolo Storto Gold Gentle is one of the best-known razors internationally, and is becoming a vintage classic.


Total Length:80mm

Handle Length:71mm

Head Width:42mm

Made in Italy