Dovo Leather Strop Balm

Dovo Leather Strop Balm is needed to keep your strop in tip top condition. This non-abrasive balm can be added using cloth or by fingers to keep your leather strop supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

Keeping your strop soft and supple will dramatically increase the life of your strop, allowing you to keep your straight razors in great condition for continuous great shaves.

Best used when applied to a clean leather strop, free from previous strop pastes.

Size: 50 ml

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Ron Neumann
Moisturizing is for all skin types.

Great product for keeping the leather up to the task.

Purchased this product when I was starting out with straight razor honing.

Used this leather strop balm on my strop board purchased from The Classic Edge as I was resurrecting a few old time straight razors at the time.

As we live in a climate where the winter months result in the heat being turned on and our skin loosing it's moisture. As we add moisturizers to our faces, why not the leather strop we use on the straight razors that we use on our faces as well. Moisturizing allows us that forgiveness when we make a mistake, either on our face or, leather skin.

The heat generated from stropping will also facilitate the drying out of the leather. How quick, that I have not calculated.

I have since purchased the 3" English Leather Strop from The Classic Edge with actual leather handles, and have applied a very thin layer to facilitate a nice clean edge to my stropping.

When you get the stropping down to a comfortable routine without nicking the edges, keeping the leather soft with this balm is the easy part and much cheaper than a new strop.

Highly recommend.