Abbate Y La Mantia

Abbate Y La Mantia Fufluns Shaving Soap

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The ancient Etruscan people were not radiant; they worshipped the Moon.

The God of wine, happiness and orgiastic rites was FUFLUNS.

Its skin was not red under the sun, but white as milk reflecting the lunar satellite.

In order to align ourselves with our ancestors from southern Tuscany, we have combined the cosmetic principles of the three milks that have the longest tradition as far as enrichment of human skin is concerned. After that, a sublimation of green notes recalls drops of night dew on bunches and leaves of the most uninhibited of plants.

The antibacteriality of Saffron and the unique moisturizing effects of the three milks will make this soap suitable both for delicate skins and for for those who need to be restructured.

Fresh grapes and fresh shoots around soft-fleshed statues.

OLFACTORY: the fragrance of this soap is everything sweet that comes from what is green. Destined to fall to the ground if it were not picked by those who appreciate it. A juicy bunch that does not evolve into fruit, but into notes of green amber that make it unusual.

SENSUAL: Opening a box expecting something to find what you don’t expect: a resinous accord that feels fresh.

ACTIVE: Cosmetic Milk Protein from:

Cow = the most gentle moisturizing fat;

Goat = it fights the effects of sun exposure and external agents (smog in general); and

Donkey = rebalances the hydrolipidic protection of the skin, while performing an unbeatable anti-reddening action.

A concert of cosmetic properties used since ancient times as the ultimate elixir of beauty, health and youth.

Weight: 150ml (5.07 fl.oz)

Made in Italy