Ashcroft Collection

14" English Bridle Board Strop


Video:  How to Strop a Straight Razor

The Board Strop has gained amazing popularity over the last 15 years, as they are affordable and take the learning curve out of learning to strop.  Yet this is not just a beginner tool anymore, as many have decided that this tool is their forever strop.  Having to concentrate on keep your strop taught is for some not as easy as for others, but board strops are always perfectly flat.  No matter what you may hear from YouTubers that have no clue in most cases, strops always have to be perfectly straight. If you don't have it flat you will roll the edge and have to either sharpen it yourself or send it in to Phil to hone. Trust us when we say, Phil is already overwhelmed with razors to hone, so he does not want people sending in their razors more than they have to.  Always remember, simplicity is key.

*Even top-grade American leather hides sometimes may have small blemishes or “range marks” which occur during the animal’s lifetime, and at Classic Edge we believe that it would be irresponsible and wasteful of us to discard every piece of leather that had a small fault. However, we do take extra care to ensure that any blemishes are minimal and in no way compromise the stropping process.

Dimensions: 3" width / 14" Long

Handmade in Canada with American sourced Leather.