Classic Edge Shaving

10" Chasing Hammer 4.75 oz

I purchased over a Dozen Hammers before I finally found this model. Perfect for rounding a Brass or Silver Nickel Pin. Weight was also very important as like many out there my patience leaves a lot to be desired, which meant I would start going crazy and mashing the hell out of the pin. So I tried a lighter hammer instead of the 8oz, available just about everywhere, and finally my pins started looking like they were supposed to and I stopped cracking scales with my brute force. Give this one a try, I know you will be happy you did. The point of this new section is to make everything you need to restore a Straight Razor, or even some hobby of interest, available in one place. Basically, I do the trial and error and make the major mistakes so you don't have to.

10" Length / 4.75 oz Weight

Made in India

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