Barber Style Best Badger Ebony Shaving Brush

As soon as I saw this brush, it was love at first sight. Not only are they top grade badger hairs that compete with $100 brushes but I could not get over how comfortable it is in my hand. So if you like the larger brushes, this is definitely the brush for you! This shape was very common from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's and cause less fatigue in the barber's hand which was important for someone lathering 50-100 clients in a day. It is safe to say it is twice the size of a small badger brush.

Knot Size: 24 mm

Height: 5.3 Inches

Hair Type: Best Badger

Colour: Faux Ebony

Manufactured by The Classic Edge

Customer Reviews

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Ron Neumann
Get to the bottom of it!!

Bought this brush for the sole purpose of getting to the bottom of the lather bowl without having to hit the sides with my hand. Perfect in all cases.

Brush and handle are great and perform fantastically. Pure badger with this length of handle is a hard find at best.

Hoping to have more options of this brush in this length in the future, will definitely purchase them without hesitation.

Excellent products and customer service without question.

Customer review

Bought this brush 1 month ago. Love the brush and love the long handle. Few hairs or so came off at the beginning and now I only see 1 or 2 which is normal. The brush is not too soft like the silvertips and not too coarse like a boar so it's right in between which is perfect for me. Overall happy with this brush and I would recommend it if you like a brush with a longer handle.

Jeff Garner
Customer review

I purchased this brush about two years ago. At first it was fine but it began loosing bristles and is now loosing bristles at the rate 10 to 12 every time I use it. It's a bit too soft, as well, and It's a nice brush with a quite comfortable handle but it will be hairless in the not too distant future. I would not recommend this brush.