Best Straight Razor Kits for Beginners

Are you looking to buy your first straight razor kit? If so, you're in the right place! In this post, we will discuss some of the best kits for beginners. We'll also provide a buyer's guide to help you choose the right kit for your needs. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced wet shaver, read on for the best straight razor kits available at The Classic Edge Shaving Store today.

Boker 5/8 King Cutter Straight Razor

The King Cutter Full Hollow Ground is without a doubt one of the most well-known straight razors in history. An incredible performer with a fantastic edge that is simple to maintain. Ideal for getting started in the field of wet shaving.

DOVO Bismarck 6/8 Pakkawood Straight Razor

The legendary Dovo 6/8 Bismarck Straight Razor is here, one of our personal favorites among modern straight razors. Because of their popularity, they usually always sell quicker than we can receive them, therefore if they are available, we encourage you to get them right away! Out of the hundreds of straight razors we've sold, not a single customer has had anything but positive things to say about them, but what makes it even better is the immaculate edge we put on them. You won't find a sharper razor elsewhere!

Dovo Best Quality 5/8 Straight Razor Set

The Dovo Best Quality 5/8 Full Hollow Ground Bladeis a basic, high-quality German razor that is ideal for those who are new to straight razor shaving. The scales are two-piece synthetic black scales. Everything picked is of high quality and can last a lifetime given proper maintenance. This razor is highly suggested for beginners.

Common Straight Edge Razor Blade Points

Straight edge

The round point is the most common razor design and is suited for most shaving conditions. This style of point has been used for ages because of its curved design, which allows it to be used securely around the ears, nose, and dimples. Even if you drop it, the rounded head shields you from injury. The Spanish point is an intricately constructed razor point form. Its distinctive shape is due to its concave shape with a slightly rounded tip. This rounding also makes shaving difficult places like the ears, nose, and dimples easier. This type of design provides great accuracy without sacrificing security or control. The Square point is a fantastic alternative for people who are just starting off with their straight razor. The name derives from the blade's similarity to the side of a square, and its sharp tip is perpendicular to the razor's sharp edge, making it a formidable advantage for a high-accuracy shave.

There are many straight edge razors for sale at The Classic Edge Shaving Store that suit beginner and experienced wet shavers. Check out some of the best-reviewed straight edge razors online.