Vie-Long Shaving Brush, Brown Horse Hair, Acrylic Cream

Simple yet stylish Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush features an acrylic butterscotch-colored handle that combines bone and sturdiness with a softness. This brush exceeds expectations with style and performance and bears undeniable vintage appeal.

-soft yet sturdy horsehair bristles
-features an acrylic butterscotch cream-coloured handle
-unbleached and natural brown horsehair
-very comfortable ergonomic handle
-hair mix: 35% Mane Hair; 65% Tail Hair
-creates an incredible lather with every use
-firm bristles are soft-tipped and held tightly in an exquisite cream handle
-it absorbs water well and saturates well with soap

Overall Length: 93mm
Handle Length: 43mm
Loft: 50mm
Knot: 20mm

Manufactured and imported from Spain