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Vie-Long Peleón Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red Handle

Vie-Long Peleon Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red Handle

Horse Hair Shaving Brushes have been made in Spain by the Vie-Long Company for over 70 years. The Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving brush is a great looking brush with classic styling. It features a beautiful red acrylic handles so pleasing to the eye. The handle carries the Vie-Long branding badge and holds the Horse Hair loft. Made with the finest horse hair mix, 35% Mane Hair and 65% Tail Hair.A horse hair shaving brush has about the same softness to the tips as pure badger hair but a little more stiffness to the shaft than pure badger hair.Hair also allows very good water retention. These are hard to find and unique shaving brushes using 50% hair from the horses mane and 50% hair from the horses tail. No horses are killed or harmed in any way during the collection of hair.The hair is taken only while the animals are being groomed.Shaving brushes should be thoroughly lathered and rinsed a few times before using on the face to remove preservatives, sterilization residue and any dyes that may have been used. A beautiful looking brush, packaged in a distinctive gift box.

Vie-Long is a family-run business established in 1940 in Valencia, Spain. Vie-Long specializes in manufacturing premium shaving brushes and maintains the traditions and practices from their origins while also incorporating modern technology to produce some of the best brushes in the entire shaving market.

Height: 103mm Loft: 57mm Knot: 23mm

Handmade in Valencia, Spain