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Thiers-Issard Fox & Rooster 7/8 Straight Razor w/Tortoise

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Thiers-Issard Straight Razor

Fox & Rooster is one of my personal favorite's when it comes to the etchings for the T.I blades. You will notice that there seems to be many different types of T.I razors from store to store. Most stores buy typical razors that are standard, but all of our models are hand picked by myself. This means I pick the etching to the blade and scales. From the finish to the point I mix and match to get the most beautiful possible design. Part of the reason it takes us so long to get our razors back in stock. Here we have a Full Hollow C135 Carbon Song Steel which is the thinnest blade Thiers Issard makes. A true singing blade with a Mirror Finish on the front, and a Satin Finish on the back. But please note that we polish the back to a Bright Satin Finish to bring out the full potential of the finish. Square Point with Faux Tortoise Scales that take your breath away. T.I has many different scale material, all of which I have tested for longevity, strength, flexibility and beauty. If for any reason you do not see a specific type it is because they did not meet all the requirements stated above. Only recently did we make the Tortoise Scales available, as the previous models were not consistent. Some were beautiful and some looked terrible. But since the new Tortoise came out they are 100% amazing! So all around this is without question one of the most beautiful and best performing Straight Razors today. Some on the Internet state that Full Hollow Ground is not good for tough beards. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes some vintage razors made long ago were made so thin and with more flexible steel that they would tug at the hairs. But that is not the case with these T.I blades, since they are made with such hard steel they are ridged and have very little give. I highly recommend that anyone with any beard type try this razor, and expect incredible results. At The Classic Edge we stand behind out T.I products with pride.

As a small family run business we do what we can to take our razors to the next level and put an edge on them that cannot be copied anywhere else. Because of the extra Quality checks and attention to detail please allow 3 - 4 business days for us to prepare the razor and insure it is 100% Bacteria free. Would you rather get a rush shipment from someone who doesn't sharpen and sanitize each razor to perfection or wait a few days to have a piece of mind? Every so often a client asks if we actually sharpened their razor because it looked too perfect. We make every effort to not only make the razor look and feel perfect, but also do everything we can NOT to damage the packaging when taking out the razor to keep your razor packaging as original as possible. This is important to us because we also sell high end collectibles and having everything look like NEW holds the value of your Straight Razor. That even means we warm up the labels with Hair Dryers to keep from damaging them if at all possible.

Important note: All Straight Razors come from the factory with a "Factory Edge". What does this mean? It means that it is sharp but still needs to be refined in order to shave comfortably. So we professionally hone the razor to true "Shave Ready" before sending it to you our client. Why is this so important? Imagine you have purchased this razor as a gift and when the gentleman opens his new gift finds out that he cannot shave with it until he sends it out to get sharpened! Stropping your razor is just not enough as it must be refined on a Waterstone to at least 8,000 Grit followed by Chromium Oxide and then stropped on clean leather. So take advantage of our FREE honing so you can just open the package and shave!

Spartacus 6/8 Straight Razor By Thiers Issard
Spartacus 6/8 Straight Razor By Thiers-Issard

Thiers Issard was established in 1884 by Pierre Thiers, (1860–1929). He was part of a family of master razor makers. The Thiers family owned their own forge. The "Chart of the Jurande" or the Professional Guild Charter of the time lists at least three "Thiers" as master razor makers.

In 1870 Pierre Thiers started as an apprentice to a master razor maker and after twenty four years in the trade he had mastered the art well enough to become famous among the cognoscenti and connoisseurs of fine cutlery.

In 1884 Pierre Thiers established his own forge. He named his factory Thiers-Issard combining his last name and that of his wife as a way to differentiate himself from the rest of the family who owned similar businesses. From 1884 until his death in 1929 Pierre Thiers worked in his forge and died, reportedly, at work.

After his death, his son Pierre Thiers Jr. (1884–1962) assisted by his mother continued the family business. Pierre Thiers Jr. worked as an apprentice under his father and he was a skilled forger in his own right. As the business prospered more family members joined the company starting with Louis Thiers (1910–1985) and later by another Pierre Thiers (1914–1997).

In 1985 the Thiers Issard company was acquired by Gilles Reynewaeter.

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