Thiers-Issard Sabatier

Thiers-Issard 6/8 Fox and Rooster Straight Razor, Ebony Scales

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Thiers-Issard Straight Razor

As always, we try to bring you new and beautiful Thiers-Issard Straight Razors! This model is beautiful and most of all a great performer. Made with the famous C135 Carbon Song, this is a Full Hollow Ground true singing razor. With this razor you can expect a ting with every hair cut as it makes that "Butter the Burnt Toast" sound! Truly an amazing straight razor, I cannot recommend this razor enough to any shaver either new to the Art of Straight Razor Shaving, or experienced for many years. Comes with Ebony wood scales. Fox and Rooster etching is a Historical etching that is one of our personal favorites. The blade face has a beautiful Gold Etching which sets this model apart. Each Thiers Issard Straight Razor comes with a Factory Edge that is sharp but just not "Shave Ready", so to take our service to the next level, we Professionally Hone and Polish each razor to perfection so that when you receive it, you are ready to shave and don't have to send it away for honing!

When you finally loose that edge, you are welcome to send it back for another FREE honing session so we can check the edge and give you some insight on whether you are stropping correctly. That is the advantage of buying a Straight Razor from a Straight Razor Specialist. We are a small family run business and go out of our way to treat you like an individual than a number. You are what is important and our job is to insure you are happy with your purchase!


Carbon Steel (C135 Carbon Song)

Round Point Full Hollow

Ebony wood scales

Made in Thiers, France.