Thiers-Issard Sabatier

Thiers-Issard 5/8 Le Dandy Straight Razor Ebony

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Thiers-issard Straight Razor

The new Le Dandy now available at The Classic Edge. A perfect starter razor due to it's size and grind, and also made of the famous C135 Carbon Song Steel. Full Hollow ground with a Satin Finish this razor is a true singing blade meant to give an excellent shave. Many new shavers pick 5/8's as the most common used width due to it's average size which makes for easy stropping and honing. Thiers-issard is a French Straight Razor manufacturer that is well known for it's hand made razors and knives. Easily the best razors made today you can expect years of solid performance not only for their blades but the well made handles. Thiers-issard razors come with a basic edge from the factory which alone is not ready to shave out of the box, which is why at The Classic Edge we stand out from the crowd. All Thiers-issard Straight Razors are professionally honed to perfection by our in house Honemeister before shipping it to you the client. To also take our service to the next level we even provide you with a FREE follow up honing to insure that you can continue to use your razor. This is not a gimmick to sell razors, this is our way to help you on your journey to becoming a proficient Straight Razor shaver. After all it takes time to learn this wonderful Art.

As a small family run business we take great pride in our Workmanship and even more in our Customer Service. Everything we do is about YOU! Because without you there would be no Classic Edge Shaving! Please note that Straight Razor orders are different from any other orders due to the sanitary issue's of this product. We have to take extra care and have more quality checks to inure your razor is 100% Bacteria FREE and truly "Shave Ready" like no other seller on the Internet. So please allow 3 - 4 business days for us to prepare your order. So if you ever have doubts or worries please give us a call, we want nothing but your 100% Satisfaction!! Thank you so much for visiting our online store and we hope you have a wonderful day.

Maker: Thiers-issard

Grind: Full Hollow

Point: Round

Scales: Faux Ebony Resin

Metal: C135 Carbon Steel

Date of Manufacture: 2014

Country: Thiers Issard, France

Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane

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