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The Shave Well Company

The Shave Well Company Unbreakable Camping Mirror

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The Shave Well Company Unbreakable Camping Mirror

Most camping mirrors have sharp edges, are easily broken, or are not clear enough to see yourself.  But not The Shave Well Company Camping Mirror.  No sir (or ma’am), our mirror stands out through its crystal clear reflection, smooth, polished edges and superior durability.

So, 7 years good luck?

Yes, the Shave Well camping mirror was designed to stand up to camping and backpacking’s roughest challenges. The mirror is virtually unbreakable, which will allow it to survive your journey unscathed! We are so confident that you can’t/won’t break it that we will replace it if you are able. 

Size Matters…

We wanted this mirror to be large enough to signal a plane, but small enough to fit anywhere in your camping gear. So we did! The mirror measures 6” x 4” x 1/8”.

Hold it or Hang it

Due to its size, many campers like to hold the mirror in their hand while doing life’s personal tasks.  If you’re fond of a hanging mirror, we’ve included a chain to hang it on a tent, tree, etc. So feel free to leave the nails at home.

Lipstick campers and hikers rejoice!

Having a mirror to help wash your face, take off makeup, or put on sunscreen can prove most helpful. With a quality reflection in a durable, unbreakable mirror, even a lipstick camper will enjoy having this mirror in their pack.

How is the Shave Well mirror truly fog free?

In a hot shower, the Shave Well camping mirror is fog free simply by design!  In the few seconds you hold it under the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower. No more temperature difference - no more fog.

Product Dimensions:6” x 4” x 1/8” / 2.1 ounces

Made in U.S.A.