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SteeleX Japanese Deluxe Waterstone

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Japanese Ceramic Waterstone

I have spent over 6 months testing this stone with outstanding results! I have always been a big Naniwa user but this stone caught me by surprise. Not only is it an amazing finisher, meaning that you will not need any follow up honing when done with this stone. But the speed of which it comes to these fine results is almost impossible. I highly recommend this stone to anyone wanting the best of the best. Always remember that Grit rating is only a guideline and sometimes you will find an 8K out polish a 30K. In this case this stone out hones a 16K with no effort. Japanese Deluxe Water Stone. 8000 grit. Also note that it comes with a Slurry Stone, the Grit rating is around 1,000 Grit which is perfect to clean off Carbon build up and help keep your stone flat longer. Always rinse your stone off with fresh water when doing your final passes to insure there is no slurry as you want only 8,000 Grit to work your blade on the final passes. I have heard from many others that this stones is more of a 10,000 Grit than 8,000 and the final opinion is yours. Your reviews are very important to us so feel free to give us your opinion. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for visiting our online store!
Measures 8" x 3". Comes mounted on wood base. Boxed.
Made in Japan.
Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane