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Puma Solingen

Puma First Class 5/8 Straight Razor

Modern Puma Straight Razor

Introducing the Puma "First Class" Carbon Steel razor with natural wood ebony scales. A razor we consider a beginner razor, these new Puma's are everyday shavers for a fair price. We prepare them by setting a brand new bevel to insure it is truly "Shave Ready". As they come with a terrible edge from the factory, it would take a lot of work for you to hone it, so we take care of this for you. We also take the time to put on a custom round point and polish the razor to a high gloss satin finish. No other store takes this service to the next level like The Classic Edge. Full Hollow Ground this blade will take on any type of beard. Also comes with a plastic pouch.
Like any razor sold by The Classic Edge we will hone it to "Shave Ready" for you, this will insure you get a good quality shaver shave ready blade no matter which razor you purchase. Also included at no extra charge as a gift from us is a follow up honing to be used for your next sharpening of your razor. With any Straight Razor you will need a good quality Strop to keep your edge "Shave Ready", and for this we recommend the "3" English Bridle Board Strop", much easier to learn on than a hanging strop. For more experienced shavers looking to buy a strop that will last a lifetime we recommend "The Professional". To maintain your razor and protecting your Carbon Steel or Stainless blades we recommend "Straight Razor Oil"
The Classic Edge is a small family run business that takes extreme care of you the all important client. It's all about you and how we can make your experience a great experience each and every time. So if you have problems or have questions feel free to give us a call for guidance. All Straight Razors are professionally sharpened and come with a follow up sharpening at no extra cost, this alone is a $70 value. All orders over $60 are FREE shipping in the USA and Canada. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our online store and we hope you have a wonderful day.
Grind: Full Hollow
Point: Custom Classic Edge Round
Scales: Ebony Wood
Country: Solingen, Germany
Year: 2014
Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane