Proraso Gift Set, Duo Pack, Beard Wash & Beard Balm, Wood & Spice

Gift box with delicious products for grooming beards. Perfect for any bearded man!
The box contains the following 2 products:

1) Beard shampoo (200 ml)

A gentle, yet effective, beard shampoo that helps you cleanse your beard and skin. The shampoo does not foam so much, but instead works on softening and smoothing your beard as well as removing dirt and bad smells. Can be used daily when you are in the shower!

2) Beard balm (100 ml)

The beard balm is formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with the first few weeks of new beard growth. The balm softens and soothes the beard, so that irritations and redness are minimized.

The products are both from the Wood & Spice series, which have a wonderful scent of cedar wood and spicy notes, which leave a pleasant fresh feeling.

The set is delivered in a nice cardboard box.

Made in Italy