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Dubl Duck

NOS #2 Dubl Duck Shaving Brush

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Dubl Duck Shaving Brush

Everyone in the Shaving World knows Dubl Duck for what it is, one of the best products made. Also one of the highest priced collectibles available. This Dubl Duck is Brand New and never been used. Boar hair is much stiffer than Badger and takes a little longer to produce a lather. Dubl Duck contracted out their shaving brushes to Rubberset in the U.S.A. So they are made in the same fashion which anchored the Bristles in Rubber and then were Vulcanized. We will include the stand for either Display purposes or for actual use. This brush has some minor signs of wear made in 1920, I can understand why! There is also a tear in the box which can be seen in the pictures. With any shaving brush, it is important to squeeze out the water and shake off as much water as possible, then hang to dry. It will be securely packed and insured for shipping. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us. Thanks so much for visiting our little website!

Comes in original box w/ tear in the front

Made in U.S.A. by Pearl Duck Inc.

Kind Regards,

Phil and Jane

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