Niegeloh Solingen

Niegeloh Inox Stainless Cuticle Nipper

Niegeloh based out of Solingen, Germany, makes high-end manicure implements for men. Niegeloh, uses its place in the steel capital of the world to source only the finest metal and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure their implements are second-to-none in quality while maintaining an attractive price point.

Proven Solingen quality of Niegeloh cuticle nippers means cutting your cuticles will no longer feel like a chore. Precision blades have been manually assessed for a soft and smooth cut without tearing cuticles. The cutting edge is approx. 7 mm long and takes only a few easy nips to create a beautiful nail bed. Ergonomically designed handles and box joint with a soft springing action make the nippers an ideal choice for those who like full control when manicure requires ultimate precision. Perfectly aligned tips and blades allow you do just that to keep your cuticles in great shape. Nickel coating is applied evenly for rust resistance so you can enjoy outstanding service for a very long time.

10 cm / 3.94 inches

Made in Solingen, Germany