Myrsol 'Metilsol' Astringent After Shave

Myrsol 'Metilsol' Astringent Aftershave

This refreshing, dermatologically tested aftershave closes pores and balances skin's oil-producing glands to help reduce the appearance of impurities and spots. Use on a daily basis after shaving to keep skin refreshed and healthy. Myrsol Metilsol Astringent is an excellent aftershave with extraordinary astringent qualities, thanks to its elaborate composition which includes; alum stone, potassium and Thymol, a natural derivative of thyme which acts as a natural disinfectant. Metilsol repairs small cuts and irritation after shaving in an effective manner. It has a lovely herbal scent.

(180ml / 60oz)

Made in Spain

About Myrsol:
Founded in the 40s in Barcelona, by Mr. Miquel Solé Ricou. He started working at home and also worked as a barber. In search of good products in those difficult years in Spain, he began studying chemistry to learn how to make lotions. Self-taught, and buying quality ingredients, he created lotions that still remain, and its flagship product, the famous Emulsion.