Myrsol Antesol Pre/Postshave Massage

A real gem! An alcoholic "rub" - before shaving it makes the skin less sensitive - apply after shaving to soothe than normal aftershave. A very subtle, classic fragrance. With allantoin and a hint of menthol.

When applied beneath shaving cream prior to shaving this lotion helps the beard stand up for a closer shave. The soothing formula also makes the shaving process more comfortable even for very sensitive skin types. Apply more liberally when shaving particularly close.

About Myrsol:

Founded in the 40s in Barcelona, by Mr. Miquel Solé Ricou. He started working at home and also worked as a barber. In search of good products in those difficult years in Spain, he began studying chemistry to learn how to make lotions. Self-taught, and buying quality ingredients, he created lotions that remain, and its flagship product, the famous Emulsion.

180 ml / 60 oz

Made in Spain