Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel Instant Ensoleillé Cologne

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This is a purchase you wont regret! Mont St Michel Instant Ensoleille Cologne is a delicious fragrance with citrus notes, sweet and enveloping, complemented by a bouquet radiating from jasmine and neroli. Feeling of the soft, warmth ray of sunshine on the skin and awakens the senses. A summer break at any time of the year.

These Affordable Colognes is one of France’s hidden gems! Every scent from this line is highly enjoyable, not overpowering but has a nice traditional subtle scent. Comes in an extremely generous, barbershop-style size in a beautiful glass bottle. Made in the traditional way with natural scents Eau de Cologne, Mont St-Michel has gained an enviable reputation over time, since its inception in 1920.

250 ml

Made in France