LEA Classic Shaving Set 1

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This LEA Classic Shaving Set includes:

1 LEA Classic Shaving Cream in Tube (100g) Made in Spain

The LEA Classic shaving cream, scented with Sandalwood and Moss, is an exclusive blend of ingredients that produces with a shaving brush a rich lather that softens the beard and protects, soothes, and conditions the most sensitive skin for an exceptional traditional wet shave.  

1 Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush, Made in Spain

Horsehair Shaving Brushes have been made in Spain by the Vie-Long Company for over 70 years. The Vie-Long 12750 Horsehair Shaving brush is a great looking brush with classic styling. The handle carries the Vie-Long branding badge and holds the Natural Brown Horsehair loft that is never bleached. Made with the finest horsehair mix, 50% Mane Hair and 50% Tail Hair. A horsehair shaving brush has about the same softness to the tips as pure badger hair but a little more stiffness to the shaft than pure badger hair. Hair also allows very good water retention. These are hard to find and unique shaving brushes using 50% hair from the horses mane and 50% hair from the horses tail. No horses are killed or harmed in any way during the collection of hair. Shaving brushes should be thoroughly lathered and rinsed a few times before using on the face to remove preservatives, sterilization residue and any dyes that may have been used.

1 LEA Classic After Shave Lotion (100ml) Made in Spain

The LEA CLASSIC After Shave Lotion is scented with a charming and distinctive fragrance of Sandalwood and Moss. This lotion revitalizes, moisturizes, and soothes the skin after shaving, leaving the skin pleasantly refreshed and comfortable.