Böker Solingen

Japanese Bench Stone Fine By Boker

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Japanese Bench Stone

Perfect for setting the bevel on your Straight Razor or using to polish the edge on your Knives. 7" x 2" x 3/4". The stones consist of a water soluble matrix - by wetting the stone before use, fresh sharpening particles are permanently exposed during the sharpening process, which creates maximum sharpening ability. Fine (1500 grit).

I have personally used this stone for years even before Boker made it a Boker Brand Stone. I recommend that you presoak this stone for 15 min and store dry. You will find that all Japanese brand stone companies recommend that their stones be stored dry, so don't listen to those who say otherwise.  The Manufacturer knows their products and from experience I have had stones separate from the base.  This stone has outstanding feedback and is a very fast cutter.  Thicker stones are always a first choice so that you have the option to use on knives if you decide to do so. Thinner stones can crack when they are half the thickness you started out with.  Enjoy this wonderful product and thanks so much for visiting our online store!

Made in Japan